Toy Sized Pony Dazzles Instagram Users Near And Far: Teddy The Shetlend

We'd like to introduce you to a very special pony. Today we're going to be shining the spotlight on an awwdorable pint sized pony named Teddy! "Meet Teddy the Shetland, the palomino pint-sized mega star who is one of the most famous ponies on the internet. He's owned by Surrey-based event rider Alice Goring, who along with her sister Molly has built up Teddy's page from nothing to celebrity-worthy in less than four years. But she is quick to point out that his fame was more accident than design.

Alice and Molly began sharing updates about the Shetland, and his followers steadily grew. 'I remember being excited when I reached 100 followers,' says Alice. 'Then his page got shared on a few cute animal pages, then by Unilad, then BuzzFeed started doing stuff about him and it just took off. When you think how many followers he has and imagine them all in a room, it's quite amazing to think about.'" Via heelsdown.

14 images of teddy small pony | thumbnail left teddy lying down with dog on top of him, thumbnail right collage of teddy seflies
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