I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a bunny impatiently waiting to be petted | thumbnail includes a picture of one bunny being brushed by a person and another bunny waiting next to them

Awwdorable Rabbit Impatiently Waiting For His Brushing Turn (Video)

Hop hop hop so excited
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Sweet Baby Monkey Happily Drinking Some Milk (Video)

video of impatient adorable monkey who wants her milk - thumbnail of lyly the monkey drinking her milk
So impatient

Please Stay Out of the Construction Zone

impatient tabby monorail cat Cats - 8470674688
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impatient horns funny Video - 59304193

I'm Just Gonna Keep Doing This Until They Get Back...

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Let's Get This Thing Moving!

impatient car Cats funny - 7863803648
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Reader Squee: Eager Bunny

Very cute 'squee' worthy picture of an adorable rabbit climbing into the plastic container that has his food because he too eager to wait for it.
Created by Jacqui

I Don't Like This Trick.

impatient husky treat huskie trick - 6864734208
See all captions Created by Dagwood28

We're In a Hurry

impatient weighing penguins fish - 6754577152
See all captions Created by MJKittyMom

Best Not Get in My Way

impatient coffee beans now coffee eating - 6756457472
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impatient wait weighing penguins no - 6752679424
See all captions Created by minx120


captions Cats five impatient patience wait wine - 6513544192
See all captions Created by Unknown

I've Been Waiting for, Like, Eight Years!

already captions Cats impatient lolcats TV - 6459191296
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You're Not Getting Anything Better Out of Me

annoyed happy face impatient monkey smile - 6241420032
See all captions Created by Razuli

I'm Waiting

belly cat impatient lolcat love pet waiting - 6044276224
See all captions Created by neverlove

Lolcats: Ar We There Yet?

annoying caption car car ride Cats cliché impatient kitten question ride tabby waiting - 6007067648
See all captions Created by Unknown

Pigeon's Doing the Potty Dance

dance impatient legs pee pigeon toilet - 5980488960
See all captions Created by melemstye
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