I Can Has Cheezburger?


tweets of dogs acting like cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a dog sitting in a loaf position on the back of a couch and one tweet 'Furniture - James ... @CaucasianJames ur not a cat 6:52 AM · Aug 6, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 783 Retweets 64 Quote Tweets 48.4K Likes'

When Dogs Act Suspiciously Like Cats (Funny Tweets)

*confusion intensifies*
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video of a bird imitating a chicken | thumbnail includes two pictures of a bird with transcriptions of what its saying 'My name is Nuggets and I'm a big fat chicken' and 'Unsuccessful chicken bawk'

Adorable Bird Attempting To Imitate A Chicken (Video)

That's one good chicken.
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the seventh entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat all about the cat meeting the cat in the mirror thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and the cat's reflection the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: The Mirror Cat November 20, 2020 "Someday, I will catch him off guard, sneak up behind him and kawpow!" ICAN HAS BURGER.'

Meowmoirs: November 20, 2020 The Mirror Cat

The mirror cat copies everything, it's a.. mimikitty
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pets birds owners imitation sneezing - 6613765

Pet Birds Imitate Their Owners Sneezing And It's So Funny

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popular Memes imitation animals - 5143813

Summer Glau Imitates Popular Animal Memes And It's Awesome

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animals proving that life imitates art - Smiling dog with portrait behind him.

27 Times Life Imitated Art

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Get Back on All Fours Like a Civilized Person

human civilized stop it imitation Cats - 8473157376
See all captions Created by olmatuck

Dogs are People Too

couch imitation mixed breed news people shepherd sitting - 3884747520
See all captions Created by anti-war94

Give a Potato a Forever Home

corgi imitation potato - 8449431808
Via goldentears

And You Thought His Favorite Character was Toto!

funny imitation melting wizard of oz - 8007913728
Created by Unknown

They're Especially Impressionable

imitation the simpsons - 5773320960
See all captions Created by TailsDoll4Evah

You Should See the Guy Who Won

contest grizzly bear imitation prize red panda - 6265572864
See all captions Created by Shegedebeh

Cats Imitating Art

art best of the week Cats Hall of Fame imitation multipanel painting paintings - 6095367936
Via Buzzfeed

Mai Puss In Boots fayce

doing it right face imitation Puss in Boots - 6026545408
See all captions Created by kittehsaur

I'm just a statue, just an innocent statue.

about best of the week denial Hall of Fame imitation just knowledge nothing statue vase - 6018987776
See all captions Created by Maryh

i wanna bee

be closet imitation kitten pretend pretending slippers want - 5909909504
See all captions Created by beaniebop
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