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Questionnaire: How Spoiled Is Your Cat

Cats are spoiled creatures. Is it their fault though? We think we probably had something to do with planting that notion in their minds... the way we dote on them, serve them, clean after them. We are truly their servants and they are the superior ones in every household.

Yet, while it is true that all cats are spoiled, some are definitely more spoiled than others. And today we are here to discover just how spoiled is your beloved feline. 

In collaboration with popular Israeli artist, Ilana Zeffren, we bring you this fine questionnaire that will force you to recognize the truth, your cat is spoiled. Fill out the questionnaire below as you scroll and let us know your final tally in the comments below! Just HOW spoiled is your cat? 

questionnaire to find out just how spoiled your cat is - thumbanil of title "is your cat spoiled?" followed by the first questions | my cat wakes me up middle night s because. 1. she feels like 2. her water bowl is empty door porch is closed, etc. 3. my cat doesn't wake up middle night can get up now slept long enough
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