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twitter thread of cats sleeping in tiny IKEA bed - thumbnail includes four images of a cat walking up to its new bedroom complete with two tiny beds "today we made our cats a bedroom"

Twitter User Reveals New Cat Bedroom, Others Quickly Join In (Thread)

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djungelskog bear tweets funny stuffed animals IKEA thread twitter cute aww lol | lily @stargazeridiot dont want man just want djungelskog DJUNGELSKOG €25 DJUNGELSKOG €25 Soft toy, brown bear Soft toy, brown bear 31 31) 3:49 AM 6/30/20 Twitter iPhone

People Of Twitter Don't Want A Man, They Want Djungelskog (Tweets)

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funny tweets sharks ikea

IKEA Plush Shark Placed In Human-Like Situations Is Back

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Ikea new animal toy, new animal toy in Ikea

IKEA Just Released Their First Aussie-Inspired Animal Soft Toy

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furniture recycle ikea wildlife home animals - 7926789

IKEA Is Teaming Up With Artists To Create Homes For Wildlife Animals Made From Recycled Furnitures

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ikea animal memes animals - 7726085

12 Times Animals Had To Deal With The Special Assembling Skills Required By Ikea

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stray dogs ikea winter - 7210501

Ikea Allows Stray Dogs To Sleep Inside Store During Winter Months And Everyone's Just Loves it!

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people are loving these IKEA shark stuffed toy

People Are So In Love With The New Plush Shark Toy Released By IKEA

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the new pet collection of Ikea

IKEA Launches Pet Collection And Your Four Legged Friends Will Love It

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cats sleeping in IKEA beds

20 Adorable Cats Sleeping In Tiny IKEA Doll Beds

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It's not designed to stay "flat packed" (recaption: http://tinyurl.com/jfghtjk

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Some Assembly Required

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Why Do I Have All These Pieces Left Over?

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Human Still Put it Together Though

Cats cute bed ikea - 7969809408
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The Ikea Monkey Needs Better Friends

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Via This Is Major Tom to Ground Control


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