I Can Has Cheezburger?

if i fits i sits

study about cats sitting in squares | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting in a Kanizsa square

Scientists Have Examined The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Cats Sitting On Squares

Even if that square is an optical illusion.
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pictures of cats inside boxes thumbnail includes two pictures of cats inside of boxes

Cats And Their Eternal Love For Boxes (Pics)

Two seconds after opening the box... cat.
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posts about cats fitting into small spaces thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten in a glass and another of a cat inside of a bowl with holes

If I Fits, I sits: The Feline Adventure Continues

Masters of liquidity.
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icanhas storytime users share pics of their pets and their best "if i fits, i sits" pics - thumbnail of cat in bag Nicolette Van Den Heever There is not plastic bag Scout doesn't love.  Another bag he can't resist

'ICanHas StoryTime' Users Share The Best 'If I Fits, I Sits' Images

So cute!!
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a cover image for a list of cats in cardboard boxes of different sizes, the cover image shows a cat sitting in a very small box with a larger box next to it.

Cats And Their Weird Obsession With Boxes (Photos)

Cats who fell for the box
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cats in boxes

Cardboard Box Living Is Proud To Introduce Cats Living Up To Their Full Potential

The rules of "if I fits, I sits"
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a funny and cute list of cats fitting into anything

An All New "If I Fits I Sits" (18 Photos)

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bed if i fits i sits Video - 385031

Despite Having Plenty of Room, Stella Can't Seem to Fit on Her Bed

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stuck if i fits i sits maru Cats Video - 85897729

Watch Maru Sort of Fit, Kinda Sit, and Then Definitely Get Stuck

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I Mostly Fits, I Mostly Sits

if i fits i sits sink Cats - 9015632128
Via PloverLover

I Sits, Therefore I Fits

if i fits i sits Cats comfortable - 9006402304
Via PowerBeanie

Part of a Balanced Breakfast

breakfast kitten if i fits i sits bowl Cats cereal - 9003363328
Via Goodava

If I Fits I Sits

if i fits i sits Cats - 9002884864
Via Lorcedes

If I Fits, I Sits

Via guildwriter

Cats Are Weird

if i fits i sits Cats weird - 9002081792
Via caps2006

If I Fits, I Zooms

Via emoposer
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