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if i fits i sits

25 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Furniture - propel 6 marcars G PAN EGOFINE MOJ propet 32. WOR adta ATAULEO MANGO Govocats 307 FRA' and 'Cat'

How To Trap A Cat: 25 Four-Sided Pictures Of Purrfectly Captured Kitties To Take Home A New Feline Friend

3 easy ways to get a cornucopia of cats
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24 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Felidae' and 'Comfort'

24 Purrfect Pics Of Flexible Felines Proving That Cats Are Literally Liquid

Ya feelin' comfortable, punk?
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33 pictures of cats and boxes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat' and 'Cat'

"Label Me": 25+ Cats That Love To Be Put In Boxes And Occupy Their Feline-Friendly Fortresses

The cat traps are successful
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20 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - Softsc' and 'Cat - Ev 145-K'

Sinks 'n Stinks: 20 Cats Show Us Who's Boss in the Battle for Sink Domination

Our money's on the mean one
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25 cats sitting in household objects

25 Cats Who Are Expurrts At Sitting Comfortably In Various Locations (Boxes, Baskets, Sinks, etc)

They fit so they sit
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12 pictures of cats squishing into places | thumbnail three images cats squishing in various spots

"I will just squish right in here:" 12 Liquid Cats Squishing Into Spots Of Ranging Size & Volume

Squishy squish
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25 pictures of cats sitting and fitting in cardboard boxes, bowls, and all sorts of other surfaces | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white cat sitting in a cardboard box with its elbow hanging out, thumbnail also includes a picture of a black and white cat jumping into a cardboard box showing its butt and paws to the camera

20+ Cats Casually Sitting And Fitting (Very Wholesome Cat Photos)

The cat traps are working
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12 pictures of cats that purposefully don't use the toys and beds their humans bought them | Thumbnail includes two pictures of cats avoiding their beds

Cats That Go Out Of Their Way To Purposefully Not Use That New Thing You Bought Them

You're born into this world and are raised to be an independent human. You grow, you evolve, and you go to school. You learn for years, then some more years, and then you finally get a job. You work and you work, and you finally make enough money to buy your cat a little special something. You buy it, you're so excited to bring it home only to learn that your cat is a complete as*hole. Not only do they show 0 appreciation for all your efforts, but they will go out of their way to avoid that speā€¦
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A Youtube video where a human moves a plastic box around the house and his cat sits in it each time | Thumbnail includes two pictures of an orange Maine Coon sitting in a plastic box 'Easy'

Hooman Moves Box Around The House, Cat Fits And Sits Each Time (Video)

A cat and a box: a love story
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15 screenshots of a reddit thread where someone posted a photo of their cat laying inside a neon sign shaped like a cat 'Found my cat laying in my cat shape light that fell If I fits I sits 2077'

Cat Lays Inside A Cat-Shaped Neon Light That 'Accidentally' Fell, Suspicious Redditors Say This Was No Accident

It'll remain a mystery...
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study about cats sitting in squares | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting in a Kanizsa square

Scientists Have Examined The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Cats Sitting On Squares

Even if that square is an optical illusion.
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pictures of cats inside boxes thumbnail includes two pictures of cats inside of boxes

Cats And Their Eternal Love For Boxes (Pics)

Two seconds after opening the box... cat.
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posts about cats fitting into small spaces thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten in a glass and another of a cat inside of a bowl with holes

If I Fits, I sits: The Feline Adventure Continues

Masters of liquidity.
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icanhas storytime users share pics of their pets and their best "if i fits, i sits" pics - thumbnail of cat in bag Nicolette Van Den Heever There is not plastic bag Scout doesn't love.  Another bag he can't resist

'ICanHas StoryTime' Users Share The Best 'If I Fits, I Sits' Images

So cute!!
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a cover image for a list of cats in cardboard boxes of different sizes, the cover image shows a cat sitting in a very small box with a larger box next to it.

Cats And Their Weird Obsession With Boxes (Photos)

Cats who fell for the box
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cats in boxes

Cardboard Box Living Is Proud To Introduce Cats Living Up To Their Full Potential

The rules of "if I fits, I sits"
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