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Ice ice baby. Whether it's cold or diamonds, we've got all the chilly and scintillating jokes and puns to warm your heart.

story about a dog falling through thin ice and getting rescued thumbnail includes two pictures including a police officer in a frozen river rescuing a dog and the police officer next to a dog that's wrapped up in a blanket

Dog That Fell Through Thin Ice Gets Rescued

Came to rescue him in the nick of time.
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horse rescue ice trapped

Horse Was Rescued After Being Trapped In Ice For Four Hours

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Her Cat Loves Ice But Always Makes a Mess So She Found The Perfect Solution

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Waiting for Dinner to Thaw

photo of a bear sitting and waiting for his dinner
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husky smart refrigerator ice Video - 85049857

Be Happy That Your Dog Hasn't Figured out How to Use This Household Appliance

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random act of kindness stuck ice wildlife moose Video rescue - 85032449

Kind Humans Go out of Their Way to Help Save a Moose Stuck in Ice

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cool block of ice in japan

These Blocks of Ice That Look Like Jewels on Washed up on the Coast of Japan

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ice Video rescue - 84507393

Watch Michigan Firefighters Rescue a Dog Stuck in Ice

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polar bear zoo cubs ice Video playing - 82919681

Polar Bear Cub Has the Time of Her Life Playing in a Pool of Ice

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husky ice chill Video - 80190721

Husky Loves to Chill Out Under the Ice Maker

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ice rescue pig Sweden Music Video - 78001921

Helpful Swedes Show Us That Rescuing a Wild Boar is Easy, Just Pretend You're Curling!

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He's got good form, though.

hockey pig puns ice funny animals - 8590054912
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Cool Fun in The Summertime

gifs summer pools ice - 8511428352

The Solution? Less Blubbering, More Blubber

seal cold ice - 8458709248
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puppy husky ice squee Video - 68613121

Husky Puppy Prepares for Future Iditarod Race

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This Otter is Way Chill

gifs critters otters ice - 8446248704
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