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Slippery Slimy Snake Memes Not For The Fainthearted

Now hey, we get that snakes might not be your usual go to animal for meme humor. But bear with us here! Did you know several species of snakes are kept as pets? They are quite popular, actually. They might not be as affectionate as pet dogs or cats, but there is something charming about these weird creatures. 

We're not sure what it is that charms us about snakes. It could be influence from our Harry Potter obsession days…Draco Malfoy can speak snake language to us any day. ANYWAY, enjoy this silly compilation of slippery, slimy, snake humor. And enjoy checking out these interesting and underappreciated creatures. Snakes are really quite beautiful!

19 snake memes | thumbnail left snake with computer mouse "silly little snake, that's not the mouse you're looking for," thumbnail right donnie darko meme friends with snakes
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