I Can Has Cheezburger?

i dont care

Gotta Focus on The Task at Hand

i dont care lazy tired naps - 8468453632
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They Really Don't Even Pretend to Care About Me Anymore

i dont care BFFs noms Cats - 8456177664
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It's Ok, I'm Not Offended

animals i dont care facebook Cats - 8449684480
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Too Tired

Cats i dont care siamese tired - 8432052992
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Seems Legit

i dont care news Cats - 8431822080
By anselmbe

Go Find the Dog if You Want Someone Who Cares

i dont care damn nope Cats - 8403593984
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I Regret Nothing

i dont care labrador cone of shame - 8375922944
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Stickin' it to the Man!!

i dont care work Cats - 7954914304
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I Wish That Turtle Would Stop Sending Kids to Me

annoyed i dont care tootsie pop owls angry how many licks - 6763868672
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Because It's the Cheez Olympics!

i dont care care captions caring grumpy lolwork Cats - 6815427328
By Unknown

Don't Even Care Who it's For

eating food hamsters hats head i dont care noms - 6252950272
By NawtyKitty

What?! Since When?!

care dont-care i dont care nope seal - 5834617600
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best of the week do not want dont-care go away husky i dont care laying down no nope - 5907096576
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Live The Dream!

cat i dont care nipples - 5339503360
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I Don't Care

bassett hound hide i dont care - 5102313472
By GreenStockings

That, sir

best of the week chair great dane i dont care problem sitting - 4228322304
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