I Can Has Cheezburger?

i can has

I Can Has Chicken Noms?

chicken i can has Cats - 9001605376
Via Life_of_Arctic_Sound

The Crowd Goes CRAZY!

touchdown cat i can has caption - 8983509248
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I Has an Identity Crisis

i can has lion i have no idea what im doing - 8400368640
See all captions By MSchreff

Where Do We Find These Wondrous Creatures?

labrador bone dinosaur i can has - 8368825344
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I Can Has Blankie?

blankie i can has funny - 7579200000
Via Tumblr

Nao pleez?

rope down i can has - 7540358656
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carrot cute i can has - 7486176256
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Burgers are Nice and All, but I Could Really Use a Legume

peanuts squirrels i can has window - 7070802432
By LetsGetThis948 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Doesn't Quite Have the Same Ring to It

i can has lizard iguanas - 7021397760
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This Outside is Too Cold

inside snow cold squirrel please i can has - 6933510144
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Too Much TV

cat crab i can has TV - 6605499392
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I Has A Hotdog: Walkies Plz

beagle best of the week captions Hall of Fame i can has leash leashes puppy waiting walk walkies walking walks want - 6367134464
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Lolcats: I can has asgard?

avengers best of the week Cats Hall of Fame hammer i can has lolcats Thor thunder toys - 6201384192
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You Otter Has Anything You Want

asking i can has temperature want - 6067506944
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Classic Lolcat

can canned cheeseburger classics has i can has noms pun - 5913627392
By Unknown


art artist bread caption captioned cat i can has tabby - 5873565440
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