I Can Has Cheezburger?


Facebook comments about husbands loving kittens | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying on top of a man and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Jennifer Cremeans Mr. "No more cats allowed in the house ever" right here lol. D 14 Like · Reply Message 2d'

Adorably Amusing Husbands Rescuing And Loving Cats

Men worth of keeping for sure lol <3
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video of how a cat betrayed it's owner by choosing her husband over her - thumbnail of a cat being protective of a man while giving the stink eye

Cat Betrays Owner By Stealing Her Husband

Such betrayal
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wife funny memes husband animal memes - 8320261

12 Times Husbands And Wives Did Very Bad Thing Behind Their Partner's Back (Memes)

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hospital husband suitcase - 6625541

Husband Sneaks Dog Into Hospital In A Suitcase So His Dying Wife Can Say Goodbye

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baby puppy wife cute photoshoot surprise husband - 5648389

Women Makes Her Husband Believe a Baby Is Coming But Has a Different Surprise For Him

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wife pranks husband

In Hilariuos Text Exchange, Wife Convinces Her Husband She “Adopted” A Pet Coyote

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Dog Must Have Called "Shotgun"

marriage wife husband dating - 8799315200
Via dogsbeingbasic

'Nuff Said!

Deal With It wife husband wolf - 8364446208
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This Bear Reminds Me of My Husband

beer bear husband - 8337373184
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Such Scrabble, So Smart

cute husband funny smart doge - 7945357568
By Unknown

Oh, I'm Sorry Sir.

orangutan smell husband sorry ashamed laughing - 6559824128
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See yoo tonight, honey .

captions Cats honey husband love relationship shopping soup wife - 6582516736
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When Your Husband's An Ass

annoying ass beer donkey game husband jerk pizza refrigerator - 6498516992
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Lolcats: Wot duz nooturd meen mom?

captions Cats cheat husband marriage neuter oops pregnant - 6507087616
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crazy husband lion lioness love relationship wife - 6035254016
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Honey, I'm Sorry. It'll Never Happen Again.

animals apology birds husband marriage married Owl owls wife - 5802424576
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