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video of man and baby deer in hurricane | thumbnail left deer and dog, thumbnail right deer in kayak

Baby Deer Swims To Man For Help During Hurricane Ida (Video)

Daniel was in his house in Madisonville, Louisiana when Hurricane Ida struck the region! Being right on the other side of New Orleans, his areas was hit pretty hard. There was flooding, intense storms and weather, and many many displaced people and animals. He couldn't leave his house by foot due to the flooding, so he grabbed his kayak and set out. Daniel started to hear a baby deer crying out in the distance, and soon received visual confirmation of its presence. Daniel threw on his swimsuit …
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dog rescue

A Miracle: Dog Trapped Under Hurricane Dorian Rubble For Weeks Was Safely Rescued

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hurricane cats funny scale

Hurricane Cat-egories Presented By A Cat Wind Scale

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hurricane heroic Cats animals rescue - 6761221

This Heroic Driver Has Rescued 64 Cats And Dogs From The Path Of Hurricane Florence

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54 cats of Ernest Hemingway survived Hurricane

Good News: All 54 Cats At Ernest Hemingway’s Key West Home Have Survived Hurricane Irma

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Dolphins being evacuated from Hurricane Irma

People Come Together To Save Dolphins From Hurricane Irma

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a funny list of memes from the angry cat of hurricane harvey

Angry Cat Swimming Through Harvey's Flood is Winning the Internet

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hurricane lobster Video - 297223

Hurricane Nicole Blew in a Gigantic 14 Pound Lobster in Bermuda

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I Wanted A Balmy Breeze, Not A Freaking HURRICANE!

hurricane Photo maltese - 8322475264
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Cleanin' up after a storm is hard work, pal!

hurricane steak labrador storm good boy tree - 6733741312
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Goggie Gif: Gone Fishing

hurricane gifs fishing fish what breed - 6730366976
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Imma show u wai they calls meh "Teh Hurricane..."

hurricane nickname oh noes threats - 3615733248
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