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Animal Capshunz: Where'd You Say You Were From?

captions disguise hunting lion suspicious water zebras - 6517315840
Via Reddit

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Stalking

cyoot puppy ob teh day grass hunting labrador puppy stalking - 6517161728
Via PickleChick

Charge On Three

burger charge cow hunting McDonald's revenge stalking - 6295442176
See all captions Created by snowmanw3tp

Daily Squee: On the Prowl

cute Hall of Fame hedgehog hunting spines squee - 6258823424
Created by GalderGollum

Sometimes a Good Costume is a Bad Idea

bad idea costume eating hunting lions zebra - 6362429696
See all captions Created by JP

They Can't All be That Fast

meme of two lions comforting each other with the caption saying that the next zebra the will catch together.
See all captions Created by desert29rat

Reader Squee: Shhh! I'm Hunting!

bug gecko hunting lizard pet reader squee - 6356192000
Created by Karakal

Or Hiding Behind a Camera...

hunting leopards - 6268145408
See all captions Created by beernbiccies

It's Called Efficiency

Funny meme of a polar bear at the helm of a large gun, with the caption of 'shhh, hunting rabits' as the punchline.
See all captions Created by J_A_M_E_S
fake hunt hunting oops scared Video wolf wolves - 37361665

Animal Videos: Dog Hunts Wolf

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Natural environment. Not so natural methods.

caption captioned cat domestic gun hunting prey - 5865551616
Created by djrcreative

Don't Eat that Human! You Don't Know Where it's Been!

human hunter hunting moose - 5728304384
See all captions Created by vandle89

Cyoot Puppeh ob teh Day: Target Acquired

cyoot puppeh ob the day grass hunting outdoors play playing stalking whatbreed - 5420147712
Via Dave Sizer

ai knows mai biologee

cat fish hungry hunt hunting I Can Has Cheezburger waiting - 5479872512
See all captions Created by iSeXyR3iNbOw

It's Hard to Tell Anymore

Chuck Testa gun hunting - 5226588416
See all captions Created by Yakov Smirnoff


acting like animals bad idea coyote FAIL hoping hunting jumping mistake nose pounce pouncing worried - 5396267008