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Cat Goes Viral For Its "Hungry Hippo" Eating Style (Tweets)

Introducing "Pig Cat!"

Twitter user, @tramL116, has introduced us to what he calls, "Pig Cat." A video of his cats, one of which eats like the world will end tomorrow. Taking giant bites of food, this cat is now being known as the cat version of the classic game, "Hungry Hungry Hippos." 

Twitter users were quick to chime in and write what may be the cause of the cat's behavior. And others simply shared more videos of cats eating like hungry hippos. 

Two things we know for certain: we love cats and we love eating. You do you, Pig Cat. But the owner should consider feeding the two separately so Pig Cat doesn't feel the need to eat so much, so fast. 

pig cat eating video tweets hungry hippo aww cute animals funny lol animals food twitter | hilarious video of a cat eating from a bowl by opening its mouth wide and stuffing as much food inside as it can fit Just Curt (sorry OhWellltsCurt Replying beelars and @tramL116 missed this until just now. Truly majestic. 3:18 AM Jun 14, 2020 Flamingo Android 83 Retweets 1.4K Likes Blair @beelars Jun 14 Replying OhWelltsCurt and @tramL116 CRONCH t7 3 O 168
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