I Can Has Cheezburger?


THIS is what I have to work with?

caption captioned cat Cats demands human humans instructions list McDonald's tabbies tabby take - 5130456064
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caption captioned cat future human humans photoshop - 5096826880
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Yes, Binky,

caption captioned cat Cats fish humans in charge leaving left noms yes - 5044947712
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That's It, I'm Switching to AT&T!

can you hear me now cell phones heights humans phones wtf - 5040728832
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you'll have to excuse

caption captioned cat embarrassed embarrassing excuse happens Heat human humans someone twister - 4949322240
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acting like animals crowd hello humans waving whale - 4943630336
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Iz gud idee aifinkso

after Aliens caption captioned cat decision humans intelligent knowledge life source superior - 4916286976
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DIY do it yourself humans jack russell terrier labrador leash mixed breed walk walking - 4904684032
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humans are weird that way

costume do not want dressed up humans mixed breed papillon surprised upset - 4778125312
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Still smilin'!

anatolian shepherd borked comparison even happy humans mixed breed more people when - 4729367552
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Oh hai

anatolian shepherd bed boyfriend couch cuddling girl girlfriend human humans ohai room sleeping - 4701280512
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Hoominz raze der puppiez

after humans puppies puppy raise ready tibetan mastiff years - 4678305024
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Yes, kittehs kan

ability but can caption captioned cat Cats conversation conversations humans intelligent mean preference talk talking yes - 4652974592
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