I Can Has Cheezburger?


Not The Dog This Time

cute picture of a duck sleeping on someone's calculator which is great excuse for not having your homework completed
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homework instagram lol Video chinchilla - 94659329

When Your Chinchilla Eats Your Homework

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a list of pets not letting their owners finish their homework

15 Pets That Wouldn't Let Us Do Our Homework

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Mom rewrites her daughter's sexist homework assignment

Mom Rewrites Her 6 Years-Old Daughter’s Sexist Homework

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Girl makes a rubber band cage for her egg to withstand drops for a science project, but dog eats it. Dog ate her homework.

Dog Steals The Show In Egg Drop Science Experiment

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homework kitten cute Video playing - 85030401

Playful Kitten Just Wants to Help Her Human With His Homework

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You Expect Me to Eat This, Don't You?

dog doesnt want to eat homework
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And the correct is-

homework cat goggie eat caption lie - 8603726336
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But Mooooom....

homework shred caption Cats funny - 8562084096
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Mea Culpa

homework eat golden retriever - 8456365568
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We Need to have a Non-Homework Eating System

animals homework sorry - 8447059712
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Cats Have Unique Ways of Helping with Homework

homework tongue Cats - 8416880384
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Stumped on Your Homework?

homework science Cats - 8380725248
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At Least He Seems to Feel Bad

homework shame guilty - 8357009152
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The Fluffiest Napping Tutor

homework school ducks cute naps - 8360770816
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Need Any Help?

homework distraction Cats - 8206025728
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