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A house is not a home, but it can be. If you make it, they will come, so put four walls up and chuckle at some house puns.

5 TikToks about 16-year-old cat Max with leukemia who is looking for a forever home | Thumbnail includes three screenshots from TikToks: cat laying on woman, woman holding cat, and cat under a bed 'Onineishlives after 6 years in the shelter, my 16 year old shy Feline Leukemia Positive foster cat Max is no longer so shy and seems happy and knows hets safe after 6 years in the I love being his foster mom and am wondering if you want to be his forever home'

After 6 Years In Shelter, 16-Year-Old Cat Gets Fostered And Is Now Looking To Be Adopted

We're hopeful for a happy ending
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2 minute video of a cat dad working from home while holding his cat | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a man holding his cat

Cat Dad Shows Us What It's Like Working From Home With His Cat Minnie (Video)

Are you busy working dad? Idc hold me anyways
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video of monkeys at a florida airport | thumbnail left image of two monkeys on car, thumbnail right monkey portrait

Squad Of Monkeys Call A Florida Airport Home (Video)

Just monkeying around
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12 text based reddit images dog sitter debacle advice | thumbnail image of dog with laundry in mouth "dog sitter doing oodles of laundry,

Dog Sitter Does Oodles Of Laundry, Conflicted Client Seeks Advice On How To Respond

9 loads?!
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video of a man building a little house in his home for a chipmunk | thumbnail includes a picture of a curled sleeping chipmunk

Building A Little House Inside Your Home For A Friendly Sleepy Chipmunk (Video)

Tiny and too cute <3
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video of outdoor cats stepping into a house for the first time thumbnail includes a picture of the cats some of them outside and one of them already inside the house

First Time Outdoor Cats Step Into A Home

The wholesome happy cat content we all deserve
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cat live duck home cats animals alive funny lol viral video

Naughty Cat Slippers Brings Live Duck Through Cat Flap

Oh Slippers
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youtube tigers retired circus Cats home Video rescue - 956678

Three Retired Circus Tigers Get Forever Home (Video)

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youtube sea life octopus plastic home Video - 788998

Diver Helps Convince Octopus To Abandon Plastic Cup And Move Somewhere Better

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Making himself at home

snapchat seal cute funny home - 9344136448
Via Memefulthinking69
dog house cool

Dog With Trust Issues Gets A 'Boudoir Bedroom' Made For Him

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Sanctuary Cats home Video - 96796417

The Story Of The Man Who Turned His Home Into A Sanctuary For Over 300 Cats

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furniture recycle ikea wildlife home animals - 7926789

IKEA Is Teaming Up With Artists To Create Homes For Wildlife Animals Made From Recycled Furnitures

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kangaroo Sanctuary home Video couple - 95841281

This Couple Turned Their Home Into Kangaroo Sanctuary

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brave guard raccoons Cats home - 7175685

Woman Captures Her Brave Cat Taking On a Raccoon, Trying To Enter (Tweets)

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adoption injured home animals - 6779397

It's Heartwarming Seeing These Injured Animals Finding a Loving Home And a Happy Ending

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