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An article with 5 TikTok videos of cats holding their owner's hands | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of three felines holding hands with humans 'Yes you can hold my hand if you want to He loves to hold hands'

Cats Take Over TikTok Trend Just By Holding Their Owner's Hands

Life is easy when you're awwdorable
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videos of an owner trying to hold her cats' paws thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and a kitten with the kitten lying on the ground with its paw facing the camera

Owner Tests If Her Cats Let Her Touch Their Toe Beans

Cat owner trying to hold hands with her kitties
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tweets and tumblr posts pictures of cats holding hands with humans thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat looking into the camera with its palm placed on a person's hand and another of a cats black and white paw lying on a human's fingers 'Puppy - Susan Calman @SusanCalman My cat gently placed his paw on my hand. We're now holding hands/paws watching TV. Like one does.'

Cats Showering Humans With Support By Holding Their Hands

Kitties holding paws with people
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paws cats valentines day cute adorable holding hands animals cat love | reddit posted by ladywafflesisqueen i walked in on my cats holding paws like this and looking at the birds together pic of two cats sitting in front of a window with their paws on top of each other

Paws And Awws: Cats Holding Each Others Paws

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driving holding hands Video - 83275009

This Sweet Pup Has to Hold Her Human's Hand in the Car to Feel Safe

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This Cat Held Hands With His Humans on Their Way to the Vet for the Last Time

this cat held hands with his humans on their way to the vet for the last time
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vine holding hands Video - 79099393

Hold My Hand, Human

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He Can't Help The Way He Feels

Awkward holding hands - 8322440448
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Um...What's That All About?

Awkward holding hands funny - 8211152384
Via Rebeiay Gilililand

You've Got a Friend in Me

cute bears holding hands friends cubs love - 8204919808
Via KingCornucopia

They Always Have Each Other's Back

friends cute love tails holding hands - 8002646528
Created by Unknown

Bear Love

bears cute love holding hands - 7820916736
Created by Unknown

Getting Along Swimmingly

gif swimming otters holding hands squee - 7133176064
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Reader Squee: Holding Paws

Bunday bunnies reader squee holding hands squee rabbits - 6997057280
Created by Flo

Tonight We Dine In Style!

date garbage dinner raccoons holding hands - 6831674880
See all captions Created by djcat595

Daily Squee: Baby Anteater Bracelet

accessory anteater Hall of Fame holding hands hug squee - 6337288960
Created by GalderGollum
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