I Can Has Cheezburger?


artwork with a fat cat thrown into the subject matter for good measure and clean fun

Fat Cat Art Is Our Favorite Way to Enjoy Famous Paintings

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How a Little Yorkie Became the World's First Therapy Dog

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These Historical Icons Reimagined as Cats Will Blow Your Mind

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These Adorable Dogs Just Made History as the World's First Identical Twin Puppies

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Learn All About Our Favorite Animals and Their Prehistoric Relatives

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Finally an Answer to Why We Can Ride Horses, but Not Zebras

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Marie Buntoinette

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9 Cats in History That Would Have Been Internet Famous Today

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The Importance of the Boop

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The History of The Crufts Dog Show

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The History of Sushi Cats

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Great Moments in History

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Mark Twain: Novelist, Comedian, Cat Person

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EVEN MORE Proof That Cats Have Always Been Out to Get You

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Turns Out Cats Have Been Walking on Important Stuff for Basically Forever

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The Evolution of the LOLcat

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