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pictures of cute hippos | thumbnail includes two pictures of baby hippos one with its mouth open and one with its tongue out

16 Hippity-Hoppity Awwdorable Hippos

Round and awwodrbale.
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pictures of baby hippos thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a baby hippo leaning on a person and another of a baby hippo with its mouth open wide

Smooshy Sqooshy Baby Hippos (Appreciation Pics)

Time for some baby tank puppiiiies
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baby hippos funny cute lol aww gifs baby animals adorable derpy videos san diego zoo

Baby Hippos Deliver Happos (12 Gifs)

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hippo hippos jump whale beautiful cool cute aww animals video amazing dolphin youtube

Hippo Fiona Channels Inner Whale In Jumps(Video)

So gracefully, too
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aww hippos baby animals photos cute animals cuteness overload - 5794309

These Adorable Photos Of Baby Hippos Redefine Cuteness Overload

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I'm Ready to Get Out of the Tub!

bath cute hippos gifs - 7986793984
Babies hippos videos zoo cute - 57730305

This Little Baby Hippo Makes a Giant Splash!

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A Great Pet Becomes an Even Better One!

Babies cute hippos guinea pigs shaved - 7990774528

Heron Goes Surfing on a Hippo

birds critters hippos gifs wtf - 8450151424

The Grace of a Hippo

hippos gifs critters - 8282251008
Via Senor Gif

Hippos are So Proper

hippos sophisticated cute proper - 8280919040
See all captions Created by momofzoo

Better Make it Decaf...

coffee hippos funny - 8220689408
See all captions Created by Mark Greyland

Did I Smell Some White Plastic Balls?

hippos gifs pool swimming - 8242614016
Via eblogx

I Smell Hippo-crisy...

hippos farting puns - 7543466240
See all captions Created by Greytabby62

Baby Hippo Hangs Out in The Water

cute critters hippos gifs - 8203645184

I'm Gonna Chomp You!

Babies hippos tiny cute - 8072160768
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