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15 pictures of cats being silly

15 Cats Being The Silly Little Creatures That They Are

Pure hilarity
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16 dog dating profiles | thumbnail left dog with leaf "The first thing people usually notice about me MY LEAF. I spend a lot of time thinking about MY LEAF. DONT LOOK AT MY LEEF. DONT TOUCH MY LEEF. DONT. ITS MY LEAF. IT'S MINE. DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT MY LEEF. The six things I could never do without MY LEEF." thumbnail right dog wearing sunglasses "My self-summary cool dog looking for other cool dog to lick my tail from bottom to top."

If Doggos Had Dating Profiles They Would Look Like This

Tinder for dogs?
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13 images of angry cats expressing dissatisfaction | thumbnail left cat with head through newspaper yelling, thumbnail right angry cat with mad facial expression

Series Of Angry Cats Yelling And Being Mad

You know that feeling when you're angry and just have to let the world and everyone around you know it! So do these cats. They know that feeling all to well and have mastered the art of expressing it! These cats are mad. For a number of certainly valid reasons, but yeah, they're just plain old mad. These kitty cats are mad, angry, yelling, and expressing it in their awwdorable feline way. What is it about cats that just connects with us? Even when they're angry and profusely expressing their di…
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