I Can Has Cheezburger?


a collection of stories about cats' funny hiding spots | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat halfway under a curtain and a cat on top of a door

Cats' Most Ridiculously Hissterical Hiding Spots: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

Some of them are good at hiding, some of them... are not.
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stories of cats hiding in funny places | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat in a basket and a kitten behind a microwave

Hooligan Cats Playing Hide And Seek And Scaring The Heck Out Of Their Humans

Been looking for you for three hours, you jerk.
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cats and dogs who are bad at hiding - thumbnail of cat hiding behind door Blue playing hide and seek..... couldn't find him.... he won | dog ears popping out of snow "spot the dog"

Cats And Dogs Who Haven't Quite Mastered The Art Of Hiding

But they're doing a terrific job
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Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid!

animals cat hide caption monday - 8798179328
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dog treats hide Video - 77871105

Yes My Hooman Will Never Find This Here!

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mouth hide food eating Video - 77424129

Just A Couple Of Tots

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The Dog And I Are Both Waiting

captions Cats ceiling change hide hostage mind peek vet - 6558352896
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bones FAIL hide - 70175233

Athene Attempts to Bury Her Bone

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My Toedar is Strong

animals toes attack hide hunting Cats - 8476106240
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I Couldn't Find the Cap Anywhere

pomeranian steals bottle cap cute dog pictures
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Just Stand Very Still, Maybe They'll Just Leave

door great hide too late giraffes - 6756751616
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Iz A Fun Game

animals jerk hide Cats - 8457180160
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If Last Yeer Iz Enny Indicashun...

good boy valentine golden retriever hide - 8437053696
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Gonna Need a Little Help Here

stuck hide - 8442404864
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Hiding Place

ohai hide golden retriever - 8441575168
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I Got Nip and Bacon

animals drugs stuck couch hide - 8440589056
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