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'People are so cruel!': Heroic trash man finds three kittens in the garbage truck compactor and saves them before they get crushed

Chronicles of a trash man.
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33 before and after photos of cats that were previously abandoned but then found amazing humans to take care of them and nurse them back to health | Thumbnail includes a before picture of a neglected orange kitten and an after picture of human hugging cat

Power Of Love: 33 Before And After Glow Up Photos Of Cats Post Adoption

Use your power consciously
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video about zoo staff, move in to zoo to care for animals in kyiv | thumbnail image of large lion sitting

Selfless Staff Members Move Into Kyiv Zoo To Care For Animals Amidst Tumultuousness (Video)

Not all heroes wear capes
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pictures of firefighters saving cats from burning buildings | thumbnail includes two pictures of firefighters rescuing cats from fires

23 Heartwarming Pictures Of Firefighters Rescuing Cats

Incredible heroes who deserve recognition <3
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story about men rescuing a dog who turns out to be a wolf | thumbnail includes a picture of a wolf in a blanket

Workers Save Shivering 'Dog' Only To Be Surprised It Was No Dog At All

An amazing rescue with a twist.
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story about three men rescuing a pregnant cat who was falling off of a building, and winning over $13,000 in Dubai | thumbnail includes one picture of the pregnant cat falling out of the balcony and one of the men who saved her, text blow, 'Dubai: meet the heroes who saved a pregnant cat and impressed Sheikh Mohammed'

Strangers Come Together To Rescue Pregnant Cat Falling Off Of Dubai Building: Later Win Over $13,000

Several strangers in the Emirate of Dubai heroically worked together to save the life of a pregnant cat. People along one of the city streets spotted the cat dangling from a balcony, dangerously close to falling. Three men, who did not know one another prior to the incident, miraculously worked together using a bedsheet to create a soft landing for the cat, who fell shortly after. Together, the men rescued her from injury or death. The men, who were identified by the Khaleej Times as Ashraf, At…
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collection of the most positive animal news stories of December 2020 thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a dog with prosthetic hind legs wearing a medal and another of two tiny possums sitting on someone's fingers

Thirty Most Positive Animal News Stories Of December

Only good news.
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story about a homeless man running into a burning animal shelter and rescuing all of the animals inside it thumbnail includes two pictures of a black homeless man with two rescued dogs

Homeless Man Rescues All Animals From A Burning Shelter

An incredible hero.
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story about a military dog serving in Afghanistan getting shot in in both hind legs and receiving a medal of honor thumbnail includes two pictures including the dog with the prosthetic paws and another of the dog and his handler kneeling together

Retired Army Dog With Prosthetic Paws Receives Highest Animal Honor Medal

A true hero.
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collection of stories of rescued animals and their rescuers thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a gunshot wound and another of an owl with singed wings

Heroes Of The Month: Celebrating Rescued Animals And Their Rescuers (November 2020)

Showing some love and appreciation for our heaters!
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collection of stories about people heroically saving animals thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a large officer with a tiny kitten on its shoulder and another of firefighters smiling at the camera and a deer in a blanket

Heroes Of The Month: Celebrating Rescued Animals And Their Rescuers (October 2020)

It's time to show some love to this month's animal heroes!
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collection of stories of rescued animals and their rescuers from the past month thumbnail includes two pictures one of a black kitten with two buttons next to its nose and another of a black puppy surrounded by rescuers

Heroes Of The Month: Celebrating Rescued Animals And Their Rescuers

Showing appreciation for the incredible people and the animals they save
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hero heroic dogs 9/11 september 11 world trade center twin towers remember never forget heroes dog

Remembering the Heroic Dogs of 9/11

Never forget
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cats tweets quarantine heroes pets animals study studies adopting aww love anxiety happiness | Shunit Mor-Barak @ShunitMor @quarantinecats Minion cat provides valuable math tutoring his struggling friend during home schooling. FORNDDEN ISLAND |  Steben.Illustration @ArtofSekhmet so lucky have my pets. They make smile with their silly shenanigans. These times are not good folks with anxiety quarantinecats

Recent Survey Says Cats Are "Quarantine Heroes"

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bear stuck rescue animals free freedom aww plastic container wildlife hero heroic heroes lake Wisconsin

Bear's Head Stuck In Plastic Container, Wisconsin Family Rescues It

Heroic and really bad*ss
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heroes baby fawn revive cpr revived saved drowning life video

Bystanders Revive Baby Fawn Found Drowning In Lake (Video)

Absolute heroes
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