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hermit crab

twitter thread about hermit crabs exchanging shells | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - sloane (sîpihkopiyesîs) @cottoncandaddy I just learned that if a hermit crab finds a new shell that is too big it will wait for other hermit crabs who need new shells to gather and then they will organize themselves by size and trade shells and I am pissed that the crabs have a better housing market than we do 6:34 AM Apr 3, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 45.2K Retweets 838 Quote Tweets 384K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Hermit Crabs Organizing Themselves Based On Size And Trading Shells

And amusing twitter users.
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12 crab memes | thumbnail left crab meme "Too many bills to pay? Not liking your current life? Don't know what to do? Become a crab! -No sunburns -No sand in swimsuit -Regrow lost limbs -Lots of legs -Never get fat --No responsibilities" thumbnail right crab meme three crabs, the skeleton, the way aliens would reconstruct the animal, the animal

Crabby Memes To Help Turn A Crabby Attitude Into A Positive One

It's the flipping weekend and we were so excited! And then, our friends cancelled our plans, we got stuck in a infuriating traffic jam on the way home from work, and we think there might be a cold going around the offices. Sighs, we could really use something to cheer us up and turn our crabby attitudes into positive ones. Crabs certainly make for an eclectic collection of memes. They can be super duper cute, and they can also be dangerously viscous. They are not to be messed with or underestim…
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pictures and videos of tiny cute crabs thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny white crab on palm and another tiny reddish orange crab on the tip of someone's finger

Tiny Crabs Bringing A Huge Dose Of Joy

They may be tiny, but they make you smile real big
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collection of crab memes thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny crab with a cowboy hat on lifting its front claws 'Crab - Are you just gonna scroll past me without saying yee-claw' and another crab holding a knife in a threatening way 'Organism - You mess with crabo You get a stabo'

Clawsome Sunday Crab Memes

22 crabtivating crab memes
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hermit crab ocean moving Video - 82300673

Watch This Cool Footage of a Hermit Crab Changing Shells and Taking His Buddies Along With Him

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A Baby Hermit Crab

baby hermit crab small shell - 8811119360
Via drbyg

An Adorable Lil' Pincher

hermit crab cute - 8208351232
Created by jenncdavis
hermit crab do you even lift? Video do you even lift? - 63456513

Just to Remind You He Can Leave Anytime He Wants

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Daily Squee: Put My House Down!

beach fingers Hall of Fame hands hermit crab shell squee tiny - 6137624320
boxes cardboard box hermit crab inside maru Video walking wearing - 25514241

VIDEO: Maru the Hermit Crab

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crab hermit hermit crab - 3379975680