I Can Has Cheezburger?


tumblr thread about an academic paper about chickens thumbnail includes a snippet of the paper and all the words in it are 'chicken'

Tumblr Classics: Academic Paper Which Is All Chicken

Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken
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tumblr thread and posts about a rooster who always lets hens eat snacks first unless its blueberries thumbnail includes a picture of a rooster and the caption 'Text - samandriel Follow the same rooster - god guys he's so cute - he always lets hens eat treats first and won't have any treats until they've had as much as they want, unless it's a blueberry. shit, blueberries are like serious fucking business for Pharaoh. he's a gentleman until the damn blueberries come out and then he don't play no'

Tumblr Thread: Gentleman Rooster Always Lets Lady Friends Eat First

...unless it's blueberries.
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Even the Eggs Come Out Insulated

eggs hens chickens winter - 7950743040
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The Chickens Came Home to Roost

roosters eggs hens chickens - 6910159616
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Don't Hate Me Because I'm Fabulous

bitter chicken hens jealous rooster shoes sneakers style - 6433551360
By TripleCookieDough

Animal Capshunz: Should've Picked the Green Wellies, Frank

attention captions chickens hens ignored ladies pink rooster shoes sneakers - 6408211968
By AngelAndz

Animal Capshunz: Bravo's Getting Desperate

best of the week birds chickens Hall of Fame hens - 5908516352
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Can you believe what she's wearing?

chickens clothes complain costume girls gossip hens outfits - 5910066944
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