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an interesting thread about hedge animals on Twitter | thumbnail includes text saying 'Finally found the North Shields hedge cat this afternoon'

Perfect Hedge Animals: Interesting Twitter Thread

Over The Hedge
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a woman kicks out her roommate and replaces her with a pet hedgehog | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for kicking my best friend out of my apartment and replacing them with my pet hedgehog?'

Woman Kicks Her Roommate Out And Replaces Her With Hedgehog: Reddit Storytime

An odd turn of events...
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collection of facts about hedgehogs | thumbnail includes a picture of two hedgehogs 'Erinaceidae - Hedgehogs have around 5000 to 7000 spines on their back. Each quill/ spine lasts about a year before dropping out and being replaced. IGANHAS BURGER'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: A Hedge Up On The Competition

Laugh and learn.
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15 images and vids of mr. pokee the hegehog | thumbnail left mr. pokee getting a bath, thumbnail right mr. pokee holding guitar

Meet Mr. Pokee: The Adventurous Instafamous Hedgehog

Hi all! Today we came across an adventurous hedgehog who loved traveling the world with his animal pals. Mr. Pokee may have passed on, but his wholesome presence lives on through his (still active!) Instagram account, run by his human. Today we are shining an Insta spotlight on this adorable hegehog, let's get to know Mr. Pokee! According to Mr. Pokee's website: “Amazing people from all over the world are inspired to follow our adventures especially because they love our message: Between all th…
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list of 15 animal related tweets | Thumbnail is cat surrounding by math equations with tweet written "meanwhile, inside the box, schrodinger's cat plans its revenge."

Weekly Treat: Animal Tweets (May 31, 2021)

Weekly Dose Of Animal Tweets
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viral tweets about a mom thinking their kid is coming out when in reality she's just getting a pet hedgehog | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - caroline conrad @CPConrad when i was 19 i was very nervous to tell my mom i had spent most of my savings on a baby hedgehog and built it up so much that she interrupted me to tell me she would love and support me no matter who i was or who i loved and that's when i realized she thought i was coming out 4:52 AM · May 10, 2021 · Twitter Web App 3,266 R'

Viral Tweets: Mom Confuses Hedgehog Purchase For Coming Out

Worth every penny.
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photos of cute hedgehogs

Hedgehog Appreciation Post (10 Photos)

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adorable little hedgehogs donning adorable little hats - thumbnail of two hedgehogs wearing tiny hats hedgehog in a funny hedgehog shaped felt hat and a white hedgehog in a straw hat

Hedgehogs In Tiny Hats For Every Occasion

From Winter to Summer
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tweets of hedgehog pictures from a twitter account that uploads hedgehog pictures daily thumbnail includes two pictures including a hedgehog sitting behind two pumpkins and another of someone holding a hedgehog above some sunflowers

Daily Dose Of Dainty Hedgehogs

A twitter account posts pictures of hedgehogs daily, and we're grateful about it
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pictures of animals hiding behind things and still being visible animals suck at hiding playing hide and seek thumbnail includes two pictures including a giraffe hiding behind a tree while half of it is visible and a dog hiding behind a curtain that is draped over it and is almost completely visible

Silly But Adorable Animals Who Suck At Hide And Seek

Can you find them in the pics? We definitely can't. Nope. Not at all.
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Taylor Nicole Dean @taylorndean A hedgehog, screaming at the ground: Raina @rfrostine This is what I look like when I try to do a push-up at the gym
Via @taylorndean

It's a great day!

When your dad says you're finally big enough to sit in the front seat cute hedgehog safety belt in a car
Via u/Floshnidiberg
birds hedgehog magpie street | interesting video footage of a crow raven pecking a hedgehog on a road every time it balls up as if to push it out of harms way

Bird Helps Hedgehog Cross The Road (Video + Comments)

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video of a cat brushing itself grooming scratching against a hedgehog

Cat Adorably Uses a Hedgehog as a Brush

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sonic hedgehog movies aww cute tweets twitter thread hedgehogs animals | jake bandit @Jake_Martin333 She rated movie 12/10 and loved meeting her idol pic of a tiny hedgehog held in a person's palm near a poster for the sonic the hedgehog live action movie

Man Takes His Hedgehog To Go See "Sonic The Hedgehog" In Theaters

Dream do come true!
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cute hedgehog goes on a camping trip | cute little hedgehog and all the stuff for its trip, forest scene miniature tent with folding door flap, barbecue with sticks in it, grill, tiny cooler, small picnic table filled with tiny foods, a little kayak with paddles in it and a miniature straw hat

Azuki, The Japanese Hedgehog, Goes on a Camping Trip And Enjoys Every Second Of It

Hedgehog goes on a camping trip
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