Eight Cats Exposing Their Hearts

Remember Care Bears? How they had those badges on their bellies that depict a specialty or unique quality to the bear with that particular badge?

This feels like that only with an abundance of love. Love from nonother than cats. Which only makes it 100x more special!

Spread some love today, people! 

cats hearts love cute cat aww animals | black and white cat looking up photo taken from a low angle showing the bottom of the cats face chin black spot mark shaped like a heart
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reader squee tortoise hearts squee Valentines day - 7056850688
By Greta
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Greta says: "This is my neighbor's African Sulcata Tortoise, Frankie. He's enjoying his breakfast while I dress him up as a Conversation Heart. I think he's ready for Cupid!"

What a squee idea! Squeeps, Don't forget to show your love and give your pets valentines today.

-Sally Squeeps

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