I Can Has Cheezburger?


Now listen hear, you little...

smell ears kitten grandma hear nose big caption - 8985394688
See all captions By Chris10a

Don't Call Me Dumbo!

cat hear caption can opener cant away - 8983520256
See all captions By cataff

A Call To Action

cat hour me hear cabinet nip caption - 8983688960
See all captions By cataff

My Cable Remote Control Broke And Left Me Stuck On Fox News!

animals pain puppy hear caption - 8967314176
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If You Want To Freak Out Your Human, Try This!

hear caption wall mouse Cats - 8766837248
See all captions By Suzi_sMom

When I stretch and I hear something pop ... that shouldn't have popped.

animals cat pop hear caption stretch - 8450697472
See all captions By BestCaptionz

And the Crinkle of a Hotdog Package...

hotdog puppies cute hear - 7905460736
By AngelAndz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Hark! I hears the can opener.

ears listen captions hear Cats can opener - 6621623808
See all captions By Philippa2

Sure does!

captions hear philosophy push test Cats fall - 6766058496
See all captions By DyannLynn

I distinctly heard the word "Snacks"...

snacks Cats captions snack hear listen hungry nom - 6549481728
See all captions By thedangerman

tweety! TWEETIE!

birds captions Cats eat friend hear nom - 6611743232
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can opener food hear listen noms omg - 6392869120
See all captions By nutz4cubbies

I heers da oshun

ear head hear listen ocean turtle - 6210382848
See all captions By Unknown

Lolcats: Ai not wistening...

Cats hear ignore listen lolcats noise - 6278463744
See all captions By AndyBirling

I can hear

hear listen ocean shell tortoise - 6251807744
See all captions By desert29rat

I should probably move.

bored grass hear lazy listen move - 6213482752
See all captions By mamawalker
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