I Can Has Cheezburger?


Up to No Good

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This Hamster Version of the Revenant is Even Better Than the Original

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Hipster Hamster Does Not Approve

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A Hamster Princess

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This Is Such A Disappointment!

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Nom Noms

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Crammed In Like Sardines

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Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal of The Day

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Hamster Enjoys It's Own Thanksgiving Feast

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This Hamster Literally Bottled Up His Feelings During an Earthquake

cute hamster image This Hamster Literally Bottled Up His Feelings During an Earthquake
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An X-Ray Shows Just How Much Food a Hamster Can Stuff in His Cheeks

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I'll Just Take a Quick Nap Right Here

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This Backflipping Hamster Might Be Stuck in a Loop

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Watch a Tiny Hamster Eat His Birthday Treat

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A Hamster Got Tiny a Leash So He Can Go on the Biggest Walk of His Life

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When You're So Tired You Decide You Better Roll Off to Bed

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