I Can Has Cheezburger?


Now We Have Two!

whoops haircut - 8101315584
Created by Kyler_Cheez

It Started with One Uneven Spot...

FAIL haircut - 7986761984
Created by Unknown

Now I Know how you Must Feel When I Watch you Shower...

Cats fur naked haircut regret - 7905728512
Created by pooda

Worst. Haircut. Ever

bald haircut funny - 7736623616
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I'm Not Sure That's the Help She Meant

yorkie haircut help - 7165728512
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Shaggy Grandpa

eyebrows Grandpa haircut shaggy sheepdog - 6513980416
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For Raggedy Ann, Maybe

haircut horse ripped off - 6528175616
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Like Every Day

fabulous haircut lion some days - 6478207744
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This is Who I Am Now!

changing haircut image lion - 6475120640
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On the Bright Side, I Didn't Have to Pay

eating haircut hungry i ate him lion - 6472812032
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You may be bald

bully cat comfort hair haircut hairless kid lolcat mom revenge sphinx tease - 6094239488
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Henpeck Me, Why Don't Ya?

chicken feathers hair haircut - 5970810624
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I Knew I Should Have Just Asked for a Trim...

Cats funny mistake haircut weird - 8017519616
Created by Unknown

Fair is Fair

bad hair child haircut kid - 5525972992
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angry best of the week caption captioned cat Cats do not do not want grumpy haircut Hall of Fame mess tabbies tabby today unhappy upset warning - 5494114048
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acting like animals disaster embarrassed embarrassing hair haircut observation observing poodle - 5312592896
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