Two Young Sisters Create Haiku Book All About Cats In Order To Help The Cats At Their Local Shelter

These young ladies are incredible! Ella, 10-years-old, and her younger sister Erin, 6-years-old, volunteer weekly at Robyn's Nest Animal Rescue in Germantown, Ohio. 

Their mother Emily had this to say about her extraordinary daughters, "my daughters are constantly thinking of ideas to help raise money since the shelter is pretty small (currently 10 cats, 3 dogs (plus 1 in foster who just had 13 babies), 2 guinea pigs). Ella, my 10-year-old, orchestrated a shoe drive in her classroom as the shelter collects shoes for a non-profit, and once they get a certain amount, the non-profit makes a donation. She also started making homemade slime to sell on Etsy to raise money (ebslimeshoppe)."  

When a tiny tornado ripped through their little town last year it completely damaging their animal shelter. Thankfully, all the animals were safe but all needed fostering. When the shelter re-opened and supplies arrived, the young girls helped sort through the containers and helped set the shelter back up! 

Then they came up with a beautiful idea to create a haiku ebook, all about cats. The e-book can be found here on Amazon, and all proceeds go towards Robyn's Nest Animal Rescue.

Thank you, Emily, Ella & Erin, for all that you do for the animal community! 

All animals pictured below are available for adoption at the Robyn's Nest Animal Rescue:

girls write songs about cats up for adoption
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