I Can Has Cheezburger?


'Note to self- all cookie jars have to be in cabinets': Cats Try to Avoid Responsibility After They Knock Over a Treats Jar While

'Note to self- all cookie jars have to be in cabinets': Cats Put on a Performance Avoiding Responsibility After They're Caught Knocking Over a Treats Jar

Just acting sweeter than ever
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discussion adoption vs rescuing dog |  thumbnail text "Should i feel guilty for buying a dog (purebred) instead of adopting one ? I bought my dog five years ago i was a teenager i love him and take care of him , guys he is literally the love of my life BUT however recently my best friend has been shaming me for buying instead of adopting and the more i think about it the more gulity i feel. Help me out guys what are your thoughts ?" " Getting dog from shelter/rescue: Good. "

Discussion: Feeling Guilty About Buying A Purebred As Opposed To Rescuing From Shelter

Hiya friends. Today we'd like to address this super relevant question that many folks looking into getting a dog come across. Should you feel guilty about buying a purebred as opposed to rescuing a mixed breed dog from a shelter? And in general, regardless of breed, should you feel guilty about buying a dog? Many chimed in to voice their opinions on this heated subject after the discussion emerged in the depths of Reddit. We'd like to quote Reddit user Mbwapuppy as we voice our own opinion on t…
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cat caught in the act cute cute cat guilty - 7544837

See This Cute Little Kitty Go On A Rampage With No Remorse (4 Images)

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guilty pugs list

Guilty Pugs Make it Hard For Us to Stay Mad!

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a very cute pupp looking very guilty for the mess hes done while playing -cover for a list of dogs and puppies that look very guilty for what they did

These Dogs Sure Look Guilty...

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pets guilty - 1736965

A Bunch of Guilty Doggos That Know Exactly What They Did Wrong

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Subtlety Dog is Not Subtle

pie dessert guilty - 8285945344
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Surely You Don't Think I Did This?

Cats guilty - 8989161728
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What Happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Human!?

jail fence caption guilty - 8812050176
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Otherwise I Wouldn't Have Eaten That Stick

know puppy looking caption guilty - 8802800640
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bichon frise Video guilty - 76582401

Do You Know Where The Food Coloring Went?

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funny Video guilty - 73797889

Play It Cool, They'll Never Notice the Trash Can Lid on Your Head

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Can't Have Without The Other

guilty - 8501484544
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Hao Dare Yoo Maek Bad Jokez At A Tiem Liek Dis

chocolate lab joke guilty - 8453257984
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Someone Opened Their Gift a LIttle Too Soon

christmas gift cute guilty - 8405989120
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guilty Video - 67172097

Denver the Guilty Dog Strikes Again!

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