I Can Has Cheezburger?


guess what costume each cat is wearing - thumbnail of two cats in costume and you have to guess what those costumes are

Illustrator Creates Fun Cat Costume Guessing Game (Comics)

In collaboration with Ilana Zeffren
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Very smart cat playing which hand.

Playing “Guess In Which Hand” With a Very Smart Cat

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Rawr Rave

in cat first guess nip caption - 8983638784
See all captions Created by Greencliff

When You Hose off Your Entire Deck and Your Dog Never Notices

guess tired caption deck wet - 8806538752
Created by onefinekitty
christmas guess kids - 77111041

Mom Said We Got A Dinosaur For Christmas

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Icanhascheezburger Intelligence, of Course

secret guess password captions Cats - 6939856128
See all captions Created by PrincessWordplay

Hey Guys!

carrying found guess horse surprise - 6068832768
Created by Unknown

ul nevr gess

caption captioned cat explanation guess happened never stuck upside down what will window you - 5519661824
See all captions Created by awakenthetide

Death and Taxes

am caption captioned cat Death guess I life taxes things two which - 5252987904
See all captions Created by Unknown

Here's a Hint: It Rhymes With T*t

animals bears guess I Can Has Cheezburger nature poop sayings trees woods - 5206360832
See all captions Created by oddbodd


caption captioned cat frozen guess has hat over well what - 5178597376
See all captions Created by dollymom

You hoomin know nothing about eating properly!

bet better caption captioned cat do want floor guess noms Okay on steak taste - 5105536512
See all captions Created by anamenomena


Babies baby bird chick chicks game guess hidden hiding location sibling siblings two - 5108227840
Created by Unknown


baby challenge contest foot game guess porcupine toes whatsit whatsit wednesday woodland park zoo - 5043410176
Created by Unknown

Colonel Mustard

caption captioned cat clue guess lead murder pipe question - 4966757376
See all captions Created by squoze


corgi day guess happy perfect sign - 4851230208
Created by Unknown
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