I Can Has Cheezburger?


being gwonded . . . sux

couch grounded mixed breed pose - 3279986432
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I can't come out to play today. Mom says I'm grounded for what we did to the dog. Mom says I can't play with you anymore.

cat bear funny grounded - 8583858176
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I Wanna be a Bird Dog!

puppies destroy grounded - 8040636416
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Liek dat's a bad wurd or sumpin. . .

what breed cat grounded in trouble - 6580197120
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No, Billy

captions Cats grounded kid mom play sorry window - 6620673280
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Crab People: The Quest Begins

crab grounded kid lying - 6410209792
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You Will Not Leave This Nest!

come back grounded leg parents pull - 6031271936
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I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!

angry caption captioned cat denial fight going grounded Hall of Fame reason room shouting upset - 4603938816
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bunny caption captioned grounded pilot - 3980749056
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caption grounded kitty Staring window - 3884419072
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bad dog bed crate destruction grounded indoors playing whatbreed - 1849344768
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again cute grounded kitten lolcats lolkittehs Sad - 1142187264
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Hold itz!

bribe grounded in trouble noms shiba inu whoa - 5750869248
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