I Can Has Cheezburger?

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9 images and one embedded video from Sainsbury's Cat– Thornhill Facebook page | thumbnail features three side by side images, on the left is a close up of Clover the cat sitting on the ground, in the middle is a wide shot of Clover sitting on the ground in the store, and on the right is an image of Clover sitting on a tan blanket on a red couch at home

Sainsbury's Store Cat Returned Home After 25 Mile Journey

Welcome Home, Clover!
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video of a man keeping a grocery store lobster as a pet | thumbnail includes a picture of a lobster with its claws tied

Man Decides To Keep Grocery Store Lobster As Pet, Giving It A Second Chance (Video)

Be honest - we all kind of thought about doing this before.
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cats in stores from around the world - thumbnail of cat behind cashier, watching intently

Photos Of Cats Supervising Stores Around The World (50 Tweets)

Who runs the world? Cats.
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grocery store cat funny cats groceries shopping aww cute animals judge judging judgement lol mascot

Grocery Store Cat Judges People's Groceries Choices (Video)

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cats supermarket banned legend pumpkin animals aww cute youtube video tesco

Rebellious Cat Welcomed Back To Supermarket After Negative Backlash

Say hello to Pumpkin
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cat commercial video

German Grocery Store Comes Up With The Funniest Cat Ad In The World

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new york Cats grocery store - 878085

Bodega Cats Are Not so Secretly the Best Thing About New York

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shopping Memes Cats Video grocery store german - 80650497

A Grocery Store Used the Internet's Favorite Cat Videos as Inspiration for Their New Commercial

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Take Me Directly to the Seafood Department and Hurry

shopping Cats grocery store - 8428187136
Via Tiverton Tesco Cat

Excuse Me, Which Aisle are Those On?

cute grocery store puppies shopping - 8219513856
Via gericka

I Should Have Just Waited in the Car

annoying puppies grocery store - 8089838848
Created by Unknown

Grocery Store Logic

food funny grocery store - 7730057216
See all captions Created by PrincessWordplay

I Think I May Get Away with This

bunnies shopping day they suspect nothing rabbits grocery store - 6848789504
See all captions Created by funnybunnylover

Dis iz the way bein treated like a dog shud be

puppy shopping cart grocery store - 6671281920
See all captions Created by cataff

Happy Thanksgiving! Good Luck Out There

brave thanksgiving uh oh squirrel grocery store - 6763251968
See all captions Created by suniereyn

Give me cat food.

Cats captions cat food collection grocery store shopping - 6520437760
See all captions Created by Unknown
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