Get him to the Greek, and get a man a beer. From the ancient society to massive frat ragers that get turned into Hollywood blockbusters, Greek life and history is rich, vibrant, and pretty spectacular. So if you are looking for the next Van Wilder, or just some healthy yogurt, don't blink.


How Does Looking After 55 Cats On a Gorgeous Greek Island Sound To You?

God's Little People Cat Rescue is a no cage life sanctuary and adoption center located on the Greek island of Syros. The sanctuary is home to 60+ rescued cats and is privately funded. But besides that, we have some more good news for you- they are looking for a new caretaker! The part-time paid job entails looking after 55 cats, and offers (free!) lodging in the form of the sanctuary manager's house. Oh, and that house has a garden often full of cats, duh, and a clear view of the Aegean sea. Naturally, the preferred candidate must be a cat and nature lover. The job is a "long term" commitment, beginning November 1, 2018, with a minimum requirement of 6 months and 2-3 weeks of volunteer work before you officially get started—the cats have to have time to come to a decision among themselves, after all. See more details and the full listing here.

Here are some photos that will make you pack a suitcase full of swimwear and fly there as soon as possible.  

Via: Cosmopolitan

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