I Can Has Cheezburger?


funny tweets and memes of a grandma tossing a lobster back into the ocean | thumbnail includes a picture of a old lobsterwoman throwing a lobster and one tweet 'Font - Zack Budryk @BudrykZack Obsessed with this picture from the Boston Globe of a lobsterwoman yeeting one that wasn't big enough 8:06 PM Aug 17, 2021 · Twitter Web App 8,923 Retweets 1,340 Quote Tweets 72.2K Likes'

101-Year-Old Lobsterwoman Yeets Lobster Back Into Ocean And Twitter Makes Her A Meme

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video of a huge cat and a grandma cuddling | thumbnail includes a picture of an old woman hugging a huge cat

Massive Cat And Elderly Woman's Heartwarming Love For Each Other (Video)

Overwhelmingly awwdorable <3
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Grandmother Documents The Adorable Adventures Of Her Giant Poodles And Grandchildren | cute photo of two young children sitting in a room filled with toys next to two fluffy white poodle dogs

Grandmother Documents The Adorable Adventures Of Her Giant Poodles And Grandchildren

Giant poodles and kids
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photos of Japanese grandmother and her cat

Photographer Captures The Beautiful Relationship Between Her Grandmother And a Stray Cat

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But, She Smells Like She Just Left the Swamp!

alligator animals grandma grandmother - 5364407040
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It's Fluffy and I'm Keeping it That Way

cat do not want grandmother protective tail - 5656285952
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Go Gramma!

drugs grandma grandmother high historic lols shopping stoned - 5626939648
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Gramma Ain't Playin' Silly Games No More

bingo fun grandma grandmother st-just-got-real - 5567948288
Via F*** Yeah, Dementia

Flew All the Way from Tallahassee!

alligator grandma grandmother - 5558136832
Via F*** Yeah, Dementia

She Always Was a Party Animal!

awesome grandma grandmother historic lols Party skeleton vintage - 4970787840
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