I Can Has Cheezburger?


Gwamma May Have a Little too Much Time on Her Hands.

grandma gift sweater Cats - 8388195584
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Now Please Open the Door for Me

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Grandma Always has Treats

cute grandma puppies run away Sweet Treats - 8257665280
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Can't You Tell by my Face?

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She Wanted Her Own Pigeons to Feed in the Park

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Call Me a Nut, but You are One Fine Dime

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I Just Don't See What the Cat Loves About This...

Funny picture of a dog all rolled up in grandma's knitting yarn.
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Why I Hate Goodbyes

KISS grandma lips - 7863361280
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I'm Only Wearing it Once, Mom!

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The Best Surprise This Grandma Could Ask For

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This Guy Never Blinks, I Tells Ya!

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Now How Will I Get to Grandma's?

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I Guess I Could Have Seconds...

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If You'd Like to Know How to Werk Your Webcam Ask Yer Kids or Grandkids

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At Least She Didn't Suffer

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I Could Make it Work

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