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story about a very large cat who weighed 41 pounds and had to be carried around in a stroller losing 22 pounds thumbnail includes two pictures of before and after the cat's weight loss one of a really fat cat held by a veterinarian and another of the same cat after the weight loss lying with its owner

Forty One Pound Chonk Cat Is Now Half As Chonky And Gets The Zoomies

He even gets the zoomies now!
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list of different kinds of service dogs with explanations about them and pictures thumbnail includes a picture of a dog and a kid lying on the floor with the caption 'Photo caption - (Conpr Autism Therapy Dogs Dogs are specifically trained to aid people with Autism, giving them an anchor in overwhelming situations. The dogs also provide an emotional connection not achievable by some with Autism'

Service Dog Appreciation Because Doggos Deserve Love

Time to serve some love to service dogs
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good Cats - 92724993

Why Cats Are Good For Us

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man saves old dogs

This Kindhearted Man Spends His Time Rescuing Senior Canines

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If you have to ask, it isn't funny (recaption: http://tinyurl.com/zfw47z9

cat good caption enough - 8995406080
Created by catsuberalles

My Cat's Melodramatic Response To Being Fed Generic Cat Food

cat feel dont good caption mom - 8995378944
See all captions Created by Liv11244

Best Excuse There Is

cat reason good caption smug - 8995761152
Created by Chris10a

You can't keep a good cat down.

down good lolcats newfoundland on sitting squish - 3018368256
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best of the week Devo good Hall of Fame i has a hotdog lyric pun song whip it whippet - 4679381504
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What a waste...

cat goldfish flush perfectly dont good caption - 8977736704
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I am acquirred

like taste cat everyone not good caption - 8976902656
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Come Back My Snack!

cat goldfish flush dare perfectly good caption - 8968492800
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No WONDER The Other Girl Cats Are Jealous Of Me!

animals cat look good caption girl - 8922949632
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Thank God For Small Favors

cat thing bath didnt good caption give dressed up - 8817695488
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Feeling Better Than a Kitten in a Mitten

animals Cats caption hood good - 8804487424
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There's Never a Dog Around When You Need One

cat waste slap perfectly good caption going - 8801398528
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