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Kitten Found Frozen To Truck Tire Adopted By Man Who Saved It

Found in below freezing temperatures last month, Xerxes the kitten has officially been adopted by the good man who saved her! She was only five-weeks-old then, hanging off the side of one of the truck tires, with her tail and paws completely frozen to the metal surface, trapping her. 9NEWS reports that to free the kitten without causing her additional pain, the man who found her splashed warm water on the areas of the tire to which her pas and tail were stuck, gently removing her paws and tail from the tire.

The man brought the kitten to the Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL), wrapped up in tiny blankets to keep her warm, where she received the care she needed as well as the name Xerxes. On Monday, after recovering, she has officially been adopted into the forever home of the man who saved her. "Before her adoption, Xerxes spent time in a foster home where her frostbitten paws recovered, and her initially frightened exterior began to crumble," DDFL recounted. "Healed and healthy, Xerxes is settling in with her new family."

They add that, without the help of the man who saved her, the kitten would have most likely not survived through the night. So, we can only be thankful, encourage others to help the little creatures in need that they come across, and thank every savior we hear about for doing the right thing. 

story about a kitten who was found frozen to a truck tire getting adopted by the man who saved her thumbnail includes two pictures including one of the kitten wrapped up in blankets and held by a vet and another of the tiny kitten wrapped up in blankets up close to the camera
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