I Can Has Cheezburger?

golden retriever

She got tired and had to be carried to the car.

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Video of Golden Retriever at a pool part that seems to be rather exclusive.

Golden Retrievers At Very Exclusive Pool Party

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Peanut Butter is Mouth Quivering Good for This Little Puppy

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golden retriever Video - 81528577

Watson, the Adorable Retriever, Wants to Trust Fall Right Into Your Heart

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Old dogs can be just as cute as puppies

Cute picture of an old dog that is just as cute as a puppy.
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corn golden retriever Video - 245255

Watch a Helpful Golden Retriever Shuck Some Corn

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slide golden retriever Video playing - 81085441

Playful Retriever Discovers How Awesome Slides Are

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I'm Stuck! I'm Stuck! Never Mind, I Got It.

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Photobombing Skill Level: Total Goober

photobombing skill level total goober
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ball golden retriever Video yoga - 80762881

Playful Golden Retriever Goes Crazy for a Yoga Ball

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aww treats puzzle puppy golden retriever Video - 80585473

Golden Retriever Puppy Solves a Treat Puzzle While Mom and Dad Watch

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Two Dogs, One Ball

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newborn puppy photoshoot

All Puppies Should Have Newborn Photoshoots, Not Just This One

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run away news story golden retriever Video - 80131073

Riley the Retriever Ran Away From Home to Hang Out With His Friends at Doggy Day Care

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barking golden retriever funny Video - 79916289

This Funny Golden Only Barks When He Wants Attention and Rubs

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stairs puppy golden retriever Video - 79291137

Golden Puppy Tries to Get His Bunny Down the Stairs

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