I Can Has Cheezburger?

golden retriever

I Found a Stick

funny golden retriever sticks - 8219568640
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Puppy Love

puppies mama golden retriever - 8213592064
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I'm Ready for My Close Up

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Happy Golden Puppy

puppy running golden retriever - 7745422592
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Golden Retriever Forgets How to Dog After the Vet

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How Could You Not Love This Face

cute golden retriever - 7443518976
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The Ground Went Sour... Verrrry Sour!

colonel meow golden retriever Cats - 7120410880
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Now I'll be Static-y for Days!

colonel meow golden retriever Cats - 7125791488
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Happy Sundog!

puppies Sundog golden retriever - 7104657664
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Buddy the Dog Has Some Odd Habits

homework glasses dog ate my homework golden retriever - 6988134400
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It's Ruff Bein' a Goggie

couch golden retriever Cats - 6983484160
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Target Sighted!

puppies noms golden retriever - 6983484928
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Meatball Amore

beautiful captions eyes golden retriever love meatballs - 6514842880
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You Might Want to Call a Doctor

homework glasses golden retriever - 6970850304
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I Must Reclaim What is Mine

gifs want paw mine ball golden retriever - 7022860544
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I Has a Froze on My Nose

face pun snow nose winter golden retriever - 6971687168
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