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video of goat kids attempting to befriend barn cat | thumbnail image of cat drinking from bucket in barn, two goat kids approach cat

Farm Life: Goat Kids Try To Befriend Adorably Indifferent Barn Cats (Video)

Barn pals
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Pregnant Goat Who Escaped the Slaughter Truck and was Living Dangerously by a Highway is Triumphantly Rescued

Pregnant Goat Who Escaped the Slaughter Truck and was Living Dangerously by a Highway is Triumphantly Rescued

Now, her and her little daughter goat are living a life they never imagined possible, safely in a sanctuary.
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A video story about a smart goat that piggybacks on a horse to reach food | Thumbnail includes two screenshots from the video with the horse and goat

Brilliant Goat Figured Out A Way To Use A Horse As A Ladder To Reach Food Better (Video)

One step left one step right
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video of baby goats frolicking and playing together | thumbnail image of baby goat being bottle fed

Adorable Baby Goats Excitedly Frolic Together During Playdate (Video)

Happy GOATcha day
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goat baby animals ruthf goats cute animals cute farm animals yoga animals - 16413445

Adorable Goats: Photos That Prove Goat Yoga is the Cutest Way to Work Out

Goat Yoga Month!
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video of lost goat searching for mama goat | thumbnail image of small baby goat in field

Lost Young Goat Searches For His Mama (Video)

Sweet lil goats
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twitter thread about a goat rocking out to punk music | thumbnail includes a picture of a goat next to a musician and one tweet 'Product - Daniel Pietersen @pietersender ... Biquette the goat, sold to an abattoir after she stopped producing milk but was rescued by punks and then spent 10 years watching grindcore bands. She could come and go as she pleased and, in the words of her rescuers, "escaped death, lived punk". Absolute legend. SR 12:41 AM - Dec 22, 2021 - Twitter for'

Twitter Thread: Biquette The Goat Rocking Out With Punk Bands

“Escaped death, lived punk”
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a bunch of cute photos of goats standing on top of horses | thumbnail includes two photos of goats standing on top of horses

Nothing To See Here, Just Photos Of Goats Standing On Top Of Horses

Yup, totally normal....
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ICanHasCheezburger original story about a rescued goat getting brain surgery | thumbnail includes two pictures of a goat no a surgery table

Wild Goat Braves Life-Saving Brain Surgery Only To Come Back Stronger

Thank you to the wonderful people involved in the rescue!
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tumblr thread about an affectionate goat with pool noodles on its horns chasing and spooking a horse | thumbnail includes a picture of a goat with pool noodles on its horns and one tumblr post 'Font - It turns out that when someone puts pool noodles on a goat's horns, the goat doesn't really care. They're very light, after all, and she can't see them. You know who cares? Who cares a LOT? the HORSE. Hero took one look at Nutmeg wearing pool noodles and ran away. You know who doesn't want to be l'

Tumblr Thread: Affectionate Goat With Pool Noodles On Its Horns Chases Horse

Livestock drama.
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baby goats line up for hugs - thumbnail of baby goats lining up for hugs

Baby Goats Line Up To Get A Hug (Video)

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I WAS listening

9 yo me after giving the teacher the correct answer after she thought I wasn't paying attention adorable baby goat looking snooty proud
Via dankmemeuniversity
tweets goat optical illusion funny wtf interesting cool thread lol dog | Lesley @dancingfool75 This really messed with my head few minutes before realised 9:45 AM Feb 3, 2020 Twitter iPhone 13K Retweets 43.3K Likes white chihuahua dog lying on a blue blanket where its unclear in which direction its face is facing

Hilarity Ensues After Woman Tweets an Optical Illusion Pic of Her Dog

What is that?
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goat beauty contest in ukraine

Viral Footage Of A Goat Beauty Contest Has Us All Wanting A Goat

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GIF Horse Thinks Kid Goat is Cute

gif of a horse and a goat getting along well
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Cheezburger )
goat paralyzed amazing walking hind legs - 523782

Goat Born With Paralyzed Forelegs Learns To Walk Upright And It's Amazing

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