Ten-Foot-Long 'Dinosaur' Shows Up At Student's Backyard

If a ten-foot-long dinosaur-looking creature showed up at your house one day, what would you do? Knowing ourselves, we would probably do exactly what this university student did honestly - pick up our phone and film the whole thing. It is not every day, of course, that one gets to encounter a 'dinosaur'.

Of course, the video of the incident that was posted on TikTok that went viral terrified some people while being very amusing to others, specifically, to Australians. As Daily Mail reports, Isabell Ryan who is 18 and lives near Warrigal, was studying when she noticed the enormous reptile - which is either a lace monitor or a tree goanna - come to her glass door. The video, which you can watch below, went viral, and the response was hilarious. 

story about a huge goanna showing up at someone's backyard and going viral thumbnail includes two pictures of a large reptile standing near a glass window 'Adaptation - I was just at home the other day trying to do some uni work and this thing shows up at my house © sabellryan TIKTOK'
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