I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 tweets of people sharing their cats that look like they're wearing pants and funny replies | thumbnail includes three pictures of black and white cats who look like they have pants on 'pants pants pants!'

People Flaunt Their Funky Colored Cats That Look Like They're Wearing Clothes

Cats need pants too!
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scratching gloves pets strange accessory Cats chinese - 7013637

Anti-Scratching Paws Glove Is a Definite "NO"

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Cats gloves funny - 75776769

Hilarious Cat Gloves Will Let You Browse on Your Phone With the Flick of a Tail

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I Wan Yoo To Sho Me

gloves puns corgi - 8431702784
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Frank is Always Up on His High...Donkey?

ass gloves puns - 7952236032
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Won't Get Caught Red Pawed This Time!

gloves what breed guilty - 7026993664
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I Think Short Works Better for You

cat fashion gloves tuxedo advice funny - 6976263168
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Well, it was worth a shot

gloves corgi in trouble thief - 6762989568
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nervous gloves distrust Owl talons - 6682736896
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Kitten Mittens!

best of the week captions Cats gloves lolcats mittens - 6462032128
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Seriously, They Add So Much to Your Life

comfy gloves goose socks - 5865149184
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Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: This Is What I Think of Your Winter Fashion!

chewing cyoot kitteh of teh day gloves mouth open snow tongue winter - 5747623936
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bathing baths buckets call classics gloves halp hands help Lawyers water - 5502174208
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two can play the blame game, ya know

book caption captioned cat date dating eating garfield gloves honesty long mean nice off question reading story time - 5064982528
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corgi cyoot puppeh ob teh day gloves hand sniff snow - 4781247488
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