Cats: Nature's Glitchiest Creation (86 Funny Gifs)

Happy World Cat Day! (Except for the US, for some reason, the US celebrates International Cat Day and National Cat Day on October 29th)

Honestly, here at I Can Has Cheezburger, every day is considered World Cat Day, to us. 

As a gift from us to you, we present a giant offering of cats being their glitchy insane (and very cute) selves. And when we say giant offering... we mean it. 86 glitches, to be exact. But, come on, these goofballs deserve a spotlight every day and especially today. 

International Cat Day is a day dedicated to the awareness of cats and finding out ways we can help protect them. You can adopt a cat from a local shelter, you can volunteer at your local shelter. If you have a cat, you can make them a special treat such as tuna cookies! You can protect your cat by investing in their safety and getting a GPS tracker

There are many things you can do to help our beloved furry friends! 

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