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Users Share Stories Of Cats Unexpectedly Giving Birth (Viral Tweets)

Rescuing a cat is a challenge - always, but us, cat lovers, sometimes can't help ourselves. When we wanna help a cat and set our minds to it, we will do it. But what happens if the cat you just rescued from the street starts getting fatter and fatter, and you think to yourself that it's just because you're feeding it so generously, and then a couple months later, that cat gives birth and you have an adorable squealing litter on your hands? Allow twitter users to tell you their stories. 

A tweet about @ParisZarcilla's amazing story went viral, and people started chiming in and telling their own stories of cats in their lives unexpectedly giving birth, and these stories are heartwarmingly adorable. So, check them out, and if you have stories like that of your own, come share them in our ICanHas Storytime Facebook community!

tweets about cats unexpectedly giving birth thumbnail includes two pictures including a litter of kittens with their mother and another of a man on a bed with a bunch of fully grown cats 'Organism - Paris Zarcilla 000 @ParisZarcilla So. I JUST FOUND A CAT THAT IS NOT HAS HAD BABIES UNDER MY BED. MINE AND IT 11:53 AM May 30, 2018 · Twitter for Android 46.3K Retweets 13.4K Quote Tweets 160.3K Likes R1SATS SPI Co. LT SIZE -'
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