I Can Has Cheezburger?


a funny twitter thread about a cat bandit | thumbnail includes text saying 'woke us up at 7 am with a crashing sound and she runs up onto the bed like this'

Twitter Thread: Hooligan Cats Break Into The Gifts

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video of cali zoo animals opening christmas gifts | thumbnail image of two animals on wooden structure one with gift in hand opening it

Cali Zoo Animals Tear Open Christmas Gifts (Video)

Christmas Day has finally arrived
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collection of wolf-themed gifts to get on Amazon | thumbnail includes two pictures including a 3D wolf night light and a wolf necklace

Wolf-Themed Gifts To Get Wolf Lovers Right Naoooowwww

Majestic little goofballs.
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collection of fox themed gifts to get on Amazon | thumbnail includes a picture of a fox glass 'for fox sake' and a fox night light

18 Pawdorable Yet Fierce Gifts For The Foxiest Fox Lovers

Adorable, affordable and fierce.
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collection of Amazon gifts for cat lovers | thumbnail includes a picture of a mug and a cat headphone holder

Affordable Purrfect Gifts For All The Cat Lovers In The Crowd

We need them all.
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cat who loves to steal anything and everything - thumbnail of china the cat bringing back a stolen beer cozy and stolen firework

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: China, The Klepto Cat

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zoo celebrates holidays spirit by giving animals christmas related ornaments decorations items tree snow merry xmas

Animals At Sydney Zoo In Australia Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

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thumbnail includes a backdrop image of a corgi and a snippet of a post "the holidays are coming up, and as someone who works in a pet store there are some things i want everyone who plans on getting animals as gifts to remember"

Friendly Holiday Reminder That Pets Are Not Toys

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dolphin gifts items treasure animals cool beautiful smart intelligent cute aww | dolphin swimming close to the surface of the water with a piece of corals balanced on its snout

Adorable Dolphin Brings Humans Gifts From The Bottom Of The Ocean

Cute and smart
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xmas christmas cats gift dog money twitter tweets funny aww cute | tweet by averagediana that reads My dad didn't want my cat feel left out this Christmas LMAO. photo of an envelope addressed to the cat. photo of an orange cat sleeping with a 5 dollar bill.

Cat Gets Money For Christmas And Sparks Wholesome Thread

Adorable Twitter thread shares a series of photos of a family giving their pet cat, Gus, a Christmas gift of $5.
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The cutest

tweet with three pics showing a man leaving tiny wrapped presents outside and a squirrel looking between them and sticking its little nose inside one. so my dad gave the squirrels Christmas presents.
cat jewelry on Amazon

Cat Themed Jewelry To Add To Your Collection

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man feeds crows and they bring him gifts

Man Who Fed Family Of Crows For Years Starts Receiving Beautiful Gifts From Them

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gifts pets Cats Valentines day - 7680261

Show Some Love For The Pet Mom In Your Life With These 10 Awesome Gifts

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crows bringing gifts to girl

Little Girl Feeds Crows and Starts Receiving Gifts As a Gesture

Crows never forget
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Christmas Gift for Pets

Our Users Shared What They Got Their Pet For Christmas And The Results Are Adorable (26 Responses)

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