I Can Has Cheezburger?

german shepherd

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German Shepherd Can't Help but Howl Along to His Favorite Movie

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I will never enjoy popping bubbles like this German Shepherd!

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Police Dog Training Fake-Out

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german shepherd stuffed animal scared Video - 71638273

Some German Shepherds Are More Scared Than Others

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climbing fetch tree german shepherd Video - 70988289

This German Shepard Climbs Up A Tree To Take Fetch To The Extreme

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You're Too Funny!

german shepherd jokes laughing little girl - 6503397632
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Adorable First Meeting

german shepherd and cat meet adorable animal gifs
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Tastes Pretty Real

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balls skills german shepherd Video i have no idea what im doing - 70327809

Whatever This Dog is Doing, He's Got Mad Ball Handling Skills

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Maria Totally Knows Better

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laundry german shepherd restoring faith in humanity week tricks chores Video - 70228737

Baron Helps Out With Some Laundry

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dog playing piano

German Shepherd Harnesses His Inner Beethoven

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german shepherd water bear jerk hose Video - 70051329

Is this Brown Bear a Bit of a Jerk?

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She Appreciates Beauty

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I'm Just One of the Minions

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Judge the Police Dog Receives a Hero's Tribute During His Final Vet Visit

hero german shepherd feels vet - 8452119808
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