Funny Viral Tweets Discovering The Real But Mildly Terrifying Gerenuk

Meet the gerenuk, otherwise known as the giraffe gazelle. It is one of the only animals out there with whom we kiiiinda understand why it doesn't get more attention. Don't get us wrong, as animal lovers, we totally think this animal is cute and worthy of love, but it... also looks just a tiny bit disproportional, and we would maybe (probably) scream if we randomly saw it outside. 

And it seems that twitter agrees, because when a tweet about this incredibly cool animal went viral, the reaction was mostly fear and slight confusion. So, in honor of this animal finally getting attention, we figured we would give it some (slightly terrified) love of our own. 

viral tweets about the gerenuk thumbnail includes two pictures of the gerenuk and a tweet 'Nature - JAKELIKERS.ORG ... @hulknaps I get why people associate this imagery with the devil now 6:45 PM · Mar 10, 2021 · Twitter for Android 18.4K Retweets 1,643 Quote Tweets 152.9K Likes'
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